Are Your Assets in the Right Types of Accounts?

January 27, 2015 -

Taking care with asset placement can result in big tax savings.

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Avoiding Retirement Savings Mistakes

January 12, 2015 -

How to avoid the mistakes that can reduce income security

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How to Choose a Tax Preparer

December 1, 2014 -

Use these tips to search for a qualified tax professional

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A Tax-Smart Plan for Retirement Withdrawals

November 1, 2014 -

Take a closer look at the sequence of your withdrawals to preserve your tax benefits

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Re-Thinking Capital Loss Harvesting

October 22, 2014 -

Focus on capital gains rates

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The “Kiddie” Tax

September 1, 2014 -

Gain a basic understanding of how children are taxed

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Back Door Roth IRAs: Should You Have One?

April 21, 2014 -

Converting traditional IRAs to a Roth

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1031 Exchange

Defer capital gains on business or investment property

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Donor-Advised Fund

Charitable giving with less administration

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Roth IRA Conversions

An often overlooked strategy

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Estate Planning Tax Strategies

Eliminate or minimize estate taxes

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Stretch IRA

A way to pass wealth to heirs

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The Cliff and You

January 23, 2013 -

Understanding the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

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