Is Recency Bias Swaying Your Investing Decisions?

June 2, 2020 -

How memories of market crashes could be clouding your judgment now.

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What Ultralow Yields Mean for Your Financial and Retirement Plan

June 2, 2020 -

With cash and bond yields so low, the “safe” return of other nonportfolio assets is even more attractive.

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10 Sources of Emergency Cash, Ranked from Best to Worst

May 6, 2020 -

The CARES Act makes it easier to gain access to retirement accounts in a pinch, but they are not likely to be your best source of emergency cash.

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Pandemic Rages On, So Do 1031s

April 9, 2020 -

New guidelines to assist sellers with extensions of 1031 exchange deadlines were issued on April 9, 2020.

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Can You Still Retire Soon?

April 3, 2020 -

A volatile market could have you rethinking some long-held retirement plans, especially if you are close to your target date. Before you make any moves, take these steps to check your plan and/or put it back on track.

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Where to Go for Income in a Low-Yield World

April 3, 2020 -

If you are on the hunt for yield, be sure to mind the downside.

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The CARES Act: Part Three of the COVID-19 Relief Effort

April 1, 2020 -

What this emergency $2 trillion package means for individuals and businesses.

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Tax Payment Relief & Planning Opportunities In a Down Market

March 19, 2020 -

Tax strategies to consider in light of the market sell-off and IRS Notice 2020-17.

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March 13, 2020 -

Where is your money going?

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How Secure Are Your Finances?

March 9, 2020 -

Revisiting retirement and estate plans is a must under the new SECURE Act.

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Coronavirus Market Update

February 26, 2020 -

This week's extreme negative reaction comes on the heels of sobering statistics concerning the spread of COVID-19 (the "Wuhan Coronavirus") and its impact on global economic growth.

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How Do Your Financial Priorities Stack Up With Our Pyramid?

February 8, 2020 -

Make sure you are not geeking out about small-bore investment problems while giving short shrift to the game-changers.

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Retirement Planning Is Complicated. Your Retirement Portfolio Should Not Be.

February 6, 2020 -

Four ideas for streamlining your holdings and reducing your oversight obligations.

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Life Insurance Trusts

Transferring wealth to beneficiaries without income tax or estate tax

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Traditional and hybrid policies

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Point of View

January 26, 2020 -

Analysis of Q4 2019

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2019 Year-end Legislation

January 8, 2020 -

A synopsis of the SECURE Act and Retirement Reform.

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Seven Rebalancing Strategies That Are Tax-Efficient, Too!

January 7, 2020 -

Restoring a portfolio to your target allocation has the potential to trigger a tax bill, but it does not have to.

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The Market Is No Benchmark. Here Is Why.

January 3, 2020 -

A long-term investment strategy cannot be properly assessed using a short-term metric.

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How to Assess Your Insurance Needs

December 3, 2019 -

You manage risk at the portfolio level; here is how to address it in other parts of your plan.

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