Get Your Estate Plan in Gear

February 9, 2021 -

Do not put off this important piece of the financial planning process.

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Estate Planning: More Than a Bunch of Documents

December 7, 2020 -

Communicate early and often with your family about what to expect after you are gone.

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What the Pandemic Has Taught Us

September 4, 2020 -

How you leave your legacy should be at the forefront of your thoughts.

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Life Insurance Trusts

Transferring wealth to beneficiaries without income tax or estate tax

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2 Estate Planning Tools That Singles Should Consider

May 29, 2019 -

Streamlined advice to keep your affairs in order

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'Tis The Season...To Review Your Estate Plan

November 1, 2018 -

An estate plan should not be static.

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Estate Planning for Every Stage of Life

September 6, 2018 -

Estate planning is for everyone, wealthy or not.

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Don’t Neglect the Softer Side of Your Estate Plan

October 24, 2017 -

Document and share your wishes for end-of-life care, the care of your pets, the disposition of your tangible assets, and more.

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An Estate Planning Checklist

September 25, 2017 -

‘Estate planning’ evokes complexity and high costs. What you need to know to get it done.

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Utilizing Grantor Trusts

May 30, 2017 -

When properly drafted, grantor trusts can be a powerful tool for estate planning and wealth transfer.

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Get Your Estate Plan in Gear

February 29, 2016 -

Do not put off this important piece of the financial planning process

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Doing Good While Doing Well

September 1, 2015 -

Consider leaving your IRA to charity

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Being Secure in Retirement

Wealth protection strategies

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The Tax Break That Does Not Die With You

February 27, 2015 -

Widowed investors are at risk of missing an important tax break because they are not aware of a key deadline.

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Leaving IRA Assets to Your Loved Ones

October 10, 2014 -

Consider these dos and don’ts as you formulate your estate plan

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How to Handle Beneficiary Designations

October 10, 2014 -

Tips for avoiding costly consequences

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A Guide to Wiser Giving

October 7, 2014 -

Strategies for maximizing your charitable contributions

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Giving Stock to Another Person

May 1, 2014 -

What you need to know before giving assets for tax and estate planning purposes

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Back Door Roth IRAs: Should You Have One?

April 21, 2014 -

Converting traditional IRAs to a Roth

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5 Estate Planning Tasks You Should Not Put Off

April 1, 2014 -

Regardless of changing legislation, these estate planning tactics are timeless.

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