In 1931, it took courage, determination, and foresight to open a new investment firm. Wayne Hummer and George Barnes brought these qualities to bear in founding Wayne Hummer & Company.

Wayne Hummer and George Barnes were successful commercial bankers who saw, in the midst of the Great Depression, a remarkable opportunity for a service firm that could provide small- and medium-sized banks with sound, long-term investment advice. Joined by LaSalle Street veteran, Harry A. Baum, they articulated a business philosophy based firmly on integrity, quality, and dependability—a philosophy that quickly began to win clients and friends. They established countless working relationships with banks throughout the Midwest and gradually, through referrals of their bank clients, the number of individual accounts grew.

Over the years, the firm came to represent the highest standards of ethics and integrity. These qualities fueled growth and helped forge a reputation as a leading provider of trusted financial advice. This notoriety served as a platform for expansion, including the creation of an asset management company in 1981, acquisition by Wintrust Financial Corporation in 2002, and the amalgamation of Wintrust’s trust company in 2004.

Today, having evolved into a comprehensive wealth management firm, Wintrust Wealth Management continues to uphold the values established by Wayne Hummer nearly a century ago and to pursue the long-standing mission of providing trusted financial advice with an uncommon level of personal service and attention.